Start Your Sizzle Reel Today

What Will I Get?

You’ll get a professionally-edited sizzle reel, which is a 2-3 minutes video that highlight your accomplishments and sell you or your services to viewers.

In addition, when you purchase a sizzle reel, we will supply a second version under 1-minute long with captions that is ideal for social media feeds.


What’s the Process?

1. Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with a total cost estimate for your project.

2. After approving the estimate, you’ll need to complete a short survey (like this one) and then send us your video clips, photos, headshot, and other media assets.

2. In a few business days, we’ll supply you with a first draft!

3. As you provide feedback, we’ll get you a revision in 1-2 business days.

4. When the sizzle reel is finished, we’ll send you the finished product.

What Does it Cost?
Tell us about what you need and we’ll send you a custom price quote.

Wait, I have some questions…

How do I send in my video clips?
There are two ways:

What other media should I send in?

If you have any of the following, please consider sending: 

  • Headshots
  • Photos of you/your team in action
  • Book jacket covers
  • Client testimonials (even just text!)
  • Anything else that seems relevant!

There’s no harm in sending too much; we simply won’t use everything if there isn’t time in the sizzle reel.

What if I need more revisions, or music, or voice over that's not included in the estimate?

If you require something extra, at the end of the project, we will do a second invoice for the overages.

What happens if I need revisions in 6 months or a year?

We will hold onto your media and project for at least a year, so if you have any changes, we can action on them quickly.

What constitutes a revision?
Admittedly, this is a little subjective. We view a revision as feedback that requires us to add/remove clips, change timing, re-design graphics, retime to music, etc.

Something minor, such as a simple text change or swapping a URL in the call-to-action, would not be a whole revision.

Why do I also need a 1-minute version?

We’ve found that most client like having a 2-3 minute sizzle reel for their website, EPK, or for presentations.

However, since many social media platforms limit the duration of videos ad most people view their feeds without audio, we are also offering shorter, captioned versions for this use case.

What's your return policy?

At the start of the project, we ask for a 25% down payment on the anticipated labor costs of the project.

If, after the initial edit is delivered, you are unhappy or unsatisfied with our service, we will terminate the agreement.  The down payment is non-refundable.

You may resume the project at any time.

Need something else?  Have another question?